Our Response to Trump

    Jan 20, 2017

    After thoughtful reflection, our practice will respond to Trump’s presidency in the following manner:

    1. Continue our regular practice of standing up boldly for immigrants’ rights (working harder and more);
    2. Spend the last week of Obama presidency (Gabi) and the first week of Trump presidency (Bonita and Helen) in detention centers in Texas providing pro bono representation to detained women and children seeking asylum (with the idea that it must be a pretty scary time to be in immigration detention) – We will do these trips periodically as we are able to sustain;
    3. No longer charge for naturalization cases, moving forward they will be on a donation basis (unless there are complexities);
    4. Offer free remote naturalization consultations and assistance via Skype/FaceTime to individuals across the country, with a focus on swing states – We will attempt to create a coordinated remote naturalization effort (immigration attorneys interested in joining this effort please email helenlawrence.esq@gmail.com);
    5. Continue to adapt our response in light of what is to come.